New release: RapidRep 5.7.5

RapidRep® version 5.7.5 has been released - the new version of the software solution for back-end test automation and flexible reporting is now available for download.

The most essential new features:

  • Performance optimization and extension of the XML Wizard
    The XML Wizard has received an intermediate step in the selection of tables so that the selection and configuration of tables, especially in the case of using large and nested schema files (XSD), is easier and clearer. The performance of analyzing nested XSD files has been increased as well.
  • Rule Library improvement
    The Rule Library has been improved and is now bundled with a ready-to-use Excel master template. The shipped samples have been extended accordingly and also contain an updated documentation.

  • Improved error detection for CSV file structures
    The error detection for CSV file structures has been optimized and was extended with log outputs for under-/overlengths of data records.

  • Optimization of the data comparison presentation
    In the context of data comparison, the primary key presentation has been adjusted for the selection of 5 or more primary key columns.

  • Extended syntax highlighting
    Syntax highlighting for text replacement in double-quoted Strings has been extended. Variable and API references now share the same 'Bold', 'Italic', 'Underlined' and 'Strikethrough' font styling as non-quoted code.

  • Flexibilization of the configuration
    RapidRep® now resolves environment variables for path information so that installations can be made more flexible, e.g. for portability. The syntax for referencing is independent of the operating system.

  • Extension of the user input suggestion list
    The list of suggestions for user input provides better results, not only for possible references, but also for abbreviations. This increases, for example, the speed of finding methods of the $RR API.

  • Support for Excel 2019
    RapidRep® now supports integration of Microsoft Excel 2019.
  • Visualization of errors and warnings
    For early detection of possible problems during execution, especially when RapidRep® runs in the background, the task bar icon now reflects present errors and warnings.

  • Improvement of default export file names
    The default export file names now contain time stamps and version numbers, so that a faster identification of exports in the file system is possible when the default is chosen.

  • Improved display of deprecated functions
    Functions marked as deprecated are crossed out in the object tree.

  • Further modifications and feature requests
    In RapidRep® 5.7.5, there are further functional adjustments increasing ease of use and performance. You can send us your own suggestions for features at any time by means of the contact options or the forum on our homepage.


Best if you try it yourself! Test the new highlights via the free test version available on our website: Free Trial

We look forward to your feedback and to receive wishes and suggestions for further features!


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